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Shanti Hot Yoga

TEAL worked with Shanti to design a subterranean hot yoga studio in Halifax’s downtown core.

Highlighted Features

•  gathering area featuring warm wood, and a relaxing approach to furniture
•  tranquil studio space clad in reclamined wood boards
•  bringing value to under-utilized subterranean space


“From start to finish, our experience working with TEAL was nothing short of exceptional. As a yoga studio and as yoga teachers, our role is to facilitate growth, creativity, and guidance. Having TEAL do the same for us as we designed our Halifax studio meant so much to us. Throughout several face to face meetings with us, the team of architects and designers at TEAL were able to shape our emotions and our feelings into a visceral and tangible space that was a perfect reflection of those very same emotions and feelings. They tapped our creativity and guided us towards features and concepts that fit perfectly into what we want to provoke within our students. Compliments on the look and design of our studio are constant. Not a day goes that student doesn’t remark how beautiful of a space we have. This is all thanks to TEAL architects. Their ability to bring fresh ideas to the table and guide our own ideas and creativity is second to none. Thank you TEAL for everything you’ve helped us accomplish.”

Taylor MacGillivary


Shanti Hot Yoga


Webster Terrace

March 16, 2017

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