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Pottery Lane Residence

Nestled on an oceanfront slope in Purcells Cove, Halifax, this bespoke residence is a symphony of modern design and natural beauty. The south facade, a harmonious blend of solidity and transparency, frames a sheltered courtyard. Here, the glazed living areas provide views through to the North-West Arm beyond, allowing nature’s theatre to unfold within the home’s warm embrace.


The north facade, a showcase of expansive glass walls and balanced geometric forms, offers panoramic views of the Halifax Harbour, transforming the house into a lantern against the setting sun. The robust stone cladding at the base grounds the structure, while the glass above invites the maritime dance of light and shadow into the spacious living quarters.


Commanding the residence’s architectural narrative is the main bedroom suite, a cantilevered marvel that extends forward, as if reaching toward the horizon.


This home balances privacy and openness, with thoughtful landscaping integrating native greenery, further rooting the residence in its coastal context. Every element, from the rugged boulder in the courtyard to the balconies overlooking the harbour, is meticulously crafted to ensure that, regardless of where one stands, the connection to the ocean is omnipresent—a true maritime oasis.


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