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Kearney Lake Plaza

Inspired by the landscape of the site,  Kearney Lake Plaza (Phase 1), contains 12,500 square feet of office and commercial space, designed to fit into a future mixed-use neighborhood. Two volumes are slid apart along the joint between them and are linked by a common lobby. The linear stair to the second floor enjoys the full height of the building as people move up to the light and view provided by an on-axis window on the upper landing.

The aluminum and brick base integrates with the rocky site. The dark double-height base hosts the retail occupants. The second storey offices are rich with light and provide views into the forested landscape across the road. The black window frames in the upper storey contrast with the Atlantic cedar canopy above. The wood canopy is lit at night. The iconic wood retail canopy distinguishes the Kearny Lake Plaza from other commercial suburban buildings.

The canopy cantilevers over the retail entrances and wraps around the corner to extend 15 feet over the colonnade to the office lobby. The wood columns of the colonnade enhance the experience. Exposed galvanized steel column bases lift the columns from the concrete paving; similarly, the steel column heads contrast with the columns and with the canopy above.

The design of the lobby continues the exterior language, using dynamic wood panels reaching upwards to the second floor. Wood artifacts are featured in lighting boxes. The project is designed with public intention from the beginning. The second building will complete the landscaped plaza for community gatherings and events in between the two buildings. Kearney Lake Plaza will provide a variety of distinguished buildings and spaces for its tenants and the surrounding community to experience. It will become the future community core for shopping, work and public enjoyment.


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