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Terence Bay 

The “Sliding House” of Terence Bay

This simple gabled house slides on a strict East/West axis, nestling itself into its natural context. The sliding of the house creates both abundant lines of sight from within the home and nested destinations around its exterior.

The house celebrates the site, a high ridge with forested views, by connecting the dwellers to nature and light through large picture windows. Every entrance to a room or walk through a corridor there is a visual connection to the outdoors, at every turn the daily cycles of day-night, and the yearly cycles of seasons can be felt.

Daily rituals are celebrated by virtue of generous transition spaces and the day-to-day ceremony of coming and going are lived out in tall double-spaces punctuated with light wells that enliven these moments. Everywhere there is a sense of space in this modest and compact home. Social areas open to the South, energized by the sun, calm private spaces are secluded and in praise of soft Northern light.

The dwelling anchors itself to its context, connecting dwellers to this place, celebrating the natural beauty of life in the Maritimes.


383 Herring Cove Road

July 20, 2021

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